TSA Family,

Our registration for the spring 2020 season of TSA Soccer, Baseball, and Softball will begin on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 12 PM and close on Monday, January 13th at 12 PM. To make registration easier for all, we will be doing a staggered registration with one sport opening a day.
All ages of Softball will open on January 6th at noon
All ages of Baseball will open on January 7th at noon
All ages of Soccer will open on January 8th at noon

Registration will take place online at www.timbergrovesports.org. Just like the fall season, there will be separate registration links for each sport. Please make sure to click on the correct registration.

Most of our divisions fill up very quickly, some in a matter of minutes, so we ask that you register early to secure a spot. Once spots fill up, we will form a wait list and individuals placed on the wait list will receive spots only if they become available and based solely on the date and time of the registration event. Players placed on the wait list will receive an update on status by Friday, January 17th. There is no guarantee spots will be available through the end of registration. If you have trouble with registration, please immediately email info@timbergrovesports.org.

TSA is a 100% volunteer organization. Every family is expected to volunteer in some capacity during the season (concession shifts, scoreboard, scorebook, team parent). In addition, there are several volunteer opportunities that provide early registration access for the following season (in this case the fall 2020 season). If you would like to know more or are interested in one of our long term volunteer openings, please email volunteers@timbergrovesports.org.

All play up requests MUST be sent to info@timbergrovesports.org by Friday, December 23rd, 2019 to be considered. Emails sent directly to Division Directors, Directors of Baseball, Softball or Soccer, Board Members, coaches or other TSA email addresses will not be considered. Players who were approved to play up in prior seasons must apply again to play up.

Cost for the spring registration is $160 for baseball & softball. Soccer costs $125. Once again, we will offer the option for athletes to sell candy to earn a $60 discount off the registration fee. If you select this option, the player must sell $120 worth of candy and return the $120 to the team parent prior to receiving a jersey. There are no multi-player family discounts. Athletes may only play one sport at TSA per season.

Parents who register players and then request to withdraw players will be entitled to a full refund until the close of registration on January 13th. If a parent requests to withdraw players after January 13th, they may only be entitled to 50% of the registration costs and fees.

Parents must register players with their actual date of birth in the registration link. TSA does not tolerate birthdate falsification. Parents will be required to show birth certificates, if requested. If the Board determines that the child’s birthdate has been falsified, then that child will not be allowed to play for that entire season and no refund shall be issued.

We are pleased to announce an extension of our partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods for 2020. We will have two weekends (1/18-1/19 & 2/8-2/9) where TSA families will receive 20% off your entire purchase.

• Registration Opens – Monday, January 6 at 12 PM
• Registration Closes – Monday, January 13 at 12 PM
• Skills Assessment (Baseball & Softball) – Saturday, January 25
• Opening Day – March 28th
• Games – March 7th – May 17th
• Closing Ceremonies – May 16th

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the fields.

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